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I know, I know, this post is NOT about juvenile books.  I just thought I would share my opinion on my current work on Create +8.  I appreciate the training on topics I know very little about–had to google “click paths” to know for sure!  I can’t wait to try my first Screencast-O-Matic, but I’ll have to wait until I’m at home, because of the need for a camera and microphone.  I’m having a tough time coming up with a topic!  The kids are so adept at software and most have no problem looking up their books.  Adults sometimes struggle, but our online search software really hasn’t changed much in three years, so fewer people need help with this.  Guess I’ve got to brainstorm a little longer!




Lately, our Children’s Department staff  strives to read more juvenile books.  We all love to read, of course, and always read lots of picture books to prep for our storytimes, but now we have taken it upon ourselves to read more from the collection.  It really works, too!  Now, whenever a patron comes in looking for something to read we have many suggestions that we have just read–not just read about!  Already I have “sold” three of the 10 or so juvenile books I’ve just read.  The look on their faces when you talk about a personal reaction to the book is SO different from the comment I used to make to get them to try one, “this goes out all the time!”  Kids and parents really want that individual review.  Thanks to Julia, a young librarian staff member who came up with this idea!  And, I’m not really missing reading my adult nonfiction or fiction books all the time.  My treadmill time goes faster as the children’s books are easier to get through, as well.  Some great recent reads to get a fourth or fifth grader reading:  Gordon Korman’s On the Run, book one of Chasing the Falconers,  also, book one in The Dragon’s Tooth Chronicles, Ashtown Burials.  On the Run is a fast paced action/mystery and  Ashtown Burials is fantasy with a cool “other world” like Harry Potter. 

I really recommend more juvenile book reading!  for anyone.  Lots of great stuff out there!  and you will REALLY know what the kids are reading.

I am eager to start this new blogging adventure!  I have read others’ blogs on occasion and enjoyed the spontaneous feel that blogs have.  I also thoroughly enjoyed Julie and Julia and think that blogs open up some pretty interesting possibilities!  Maybe I will meet one of my favorite authors this way!  It would be AMAZing to be able to meet Eric Carle and let him know that we love his work so much that we used the Very Hungry Caterpillar for our first staff puppet show at Crandall.